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An experienced and respected attorney serving the Williamson County community, Erin Nations is committed to the wellbeing of local families. She understands that divorce is sometimes the only viable option, but she also knows that effective legal representation can ease the burden. She is an experienced and committed legal advocate to have at your side through all aspects of the divorce process, and as you deal with related legal matters.

Areas of Practice

Passionate about domestic law, Erin Nations focuses her practice in matters revolving around the family. The majority of these involve some element of divorce. In addition to helping clients navigate the divorce process, Erin Nations also assists them with child custody and support negotiations, along with post-divorce matters.  She also handles adoptions and terminations of parental rights cases.

Many of the clients Erin Nations serves struggle with the complexities of high-asset divorces. She is equipped with the extensive knowledge and legal skill needed to resolve complicated legal proceedings, especially when creative financial solutions are required.

Why Attorney Erin Nations?

Your lawyer should have a strong track record in your community, plus a clear desire to serve the best interests of you and your loved ones. When you work with Erin Nations, you will  feel confident about your legal position, even if you are facing a contentious and acrimonious divorce. Erin Nations will listen patiently to your concerns and provide detailed feedback. If your case ultimately winds up in court, she’ll provide the strong representation needed to secure a favorable outcome.

Whether you intend to file for divorce or secure custody of your children, you deserve the support of a strong advocate and need an experienced Williamson County attorney. With Erin Nations on your side, you can rest assured, knowing that your case will receive the attention and care it requires. Reach out today for more information and to learn how you can get started with a case consultation.

Service Areas

Erin W. Nations maintains a law practice in Franklin, Tennessee with the firm of Beal, Nations & Crutcher. The firm specializes in serving clients from Franklin, Brentwood, Williamson County, and also serves surrounding communities and counties, including Dickson, Hickman, Marshall, and Maury Counties. Erin Nations is intimately familiar with Tennessee’s legal system, and therefore uniquely capable of assisting her clients with a variety of local matters.

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