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Brentwood Family Law Attorneys

Family law matters deal with your most important and most intimate relationships – with spouses, children, parents, and grandparents. Sometimes family law matters bring great joy to those involved, but other times they are stressful and difficult to go through. Whether your family is growing or changing, the family law attorneys at Beal, Nations & Crutcher are here to guide you through these momentous times, protecting your rights and interests and helping you achieve your goals. See below for a brief overview of the main areas of our Brentwood family law practice, and give us a call at 615-861-2304 to tell us about your needs and find out how we can help.


All of our attorneys have years of experience in Tennessee divorce matters, including contested and uncontested divorces and complex divorce cases involving high-asset property division or high-conflict custody disputes. Beal, Nations & Crutcher is in your corner with advice and representation regarding every major issue in your divorce, be it child custody, child support, the division of property or an alimony award. We are here for you long after the divorce as well, whether seeking or opposing a parental relocation or other modification, or for enforcement of court orders regarding custody or support. Related areas we practice include legal separation and annulment, which are sometimes available as alternatives to divorce but are not always the best option even when available.


If parents are unmarried when a child is born, the child has no legal father. This means the father does not have a legal right to custody or visitation, and the mother and child have no legal right to receive child support from the father. Paternity can be voluntarily acknowledged by the parents at the hospital or later, but if a child’s parentage is disputed, legal proceedings are necessary to determine who the father is and issue further orders accordingly. We represent mothers, fathers, children and other interested parties bringing or responding to paternity actions in the Williamson County courts.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are legally binding contracts entered into by prospective spouses in contemplation of marriage. Prenups can establish beforehand how matters such as alimony or the division of property will be handled in case of divorce. They can also address other matters such as the drafting of a will or the purchase of an insurance policy. Prenuptial agreements can put both parties at ease that neither one will be taken advantage of or mistreated if the marriage breaks down. Prenups are most often used where one party comes into the marriage with significantly greater assets or higher earning power, or where one or both parties has already been through a rough divorce before or has children from a previous relationship whom they want to protect. But any couple can benefit from a prenuptial agreement, and our team will be happy to negotiate, draft or review an agreement on your behalf.


Our Brentwood family law firm handles both stepparent and adult adoptions in Williamson County. A stepparent adoption provides many benefits to the child and the new family relationship in terms of guaranteeing rights to inheritance, health insurance and other benefits, and making the family bond more cohesive. A stepparent adoption also involves the termination of parental rights for the biological parent outside the marriage, which can be a tricky matter if that parent doesn’t consent to the adoption. Our firm represents interested parties in both contested and uncontested adoptions, providing practical advice and passionate advocacy on our clients’ behalf.

Juvenile Court

Our juvenile court practice includes every matter that comes before the Juvenile Court in Williamson County, including dependency, neglect, reunification, custody, parentage and more. Our attorneys include former special magistrates in Williamson County Juvenile Court. Our view from the bench informs our practice of representing parents and others with matters before the juvenile court.


Family law mediation is often a required, court-ordered step in a Brentwood divorce, child custody dispute or other contested matter. Our team includes a TN Supreme Court Rule 31 Family Law Mediator, and all of our attorneys have participated in family law mediations as advocates for our clients. Whenever possible, we strive to resolve your matter in mediation as opposed to trial so you get better results faster, less expensively, and with less stress and greater satisfaction.

Domestic Violence

If you or your child are endangered by the abusive acts of a current or former spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, co-parent or other relative, we’ll move swiftly to obtain an Order of Protection for your safety. These orders can affect many rights in a divorce or custody dispute, including custody, support, and possession of the home. If you are accused of domestic violence or victimized by domestic violence, we’ll help secure your rights and advise you on the collateral effects an Order of Protection can have on other areas of family law.

Grandparents’ Rights

If you are a grandparent who is being denied visitation with your grandchildren, we can counsel you on your legal rights and assist you if possible through a court order or mediation with the child’s parents. We also help grandparents secure custody of their grandchildren in appropriate circumstances. Likewise, our dedicated family law attorneys are here to represent parents and help them enforce their parental rights as well.

Our Brentwood Family Law Attorneys Are Here for All Your Family Law Needs

For thoughtful, dedicated help with advice and representation in negotiations, mediation, trials and appeals across the spectrum of family law in Brentwood, call Beal, Nations & Crutcher at 615-861-2304 for effective assistance.

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