Erin W. Nations, Esq.

Attorney Erin Nations has been providing Middle Tennessee residents with quality legal representation for many years. Ms. Nations focuses her practice in the area of family law, representing clients in divorce, child custody, child support, and adoption matters. Erin also practices in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, civil litigation, and juvenile matters. The Williamson County native distinguished herself as a law student and she continues to demonstrate excellence as a member of the bar.

Family Lawyer

Having grown up in Williamson County, Ms. Nations attended high school, college, and law school in Middle Tennessee. She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University Magna Cum Laude, receiving a degree in Political Science with a double minor in Criminal Justice and Pre-Law. After graduation, she attended the Nashville School of Law, where she earned her Doctorate of Juris Prudence. While a law student, she clerked full-time for the Circuit Court Judges of Williamson County. It was during her tenure as a law clerk that she formed the relationships and gained the vital experience that have shaped her into the well known and respected attorney that she is today.

After obtaining her license to practice law, Erin Nations went to work at a private law firm where she gained valuable experience working with several seasoned attorneys. Her work as a law clerk for the Williamson County Circuit Court Judges paid off as Ms. Nations built her practice on her experience and reputation.

In 2014, Erin Nations joined forces with two former Williamson County judges, Ernie Williams and Robbie Beal, to form a new firm. Ms. Nations has continued to distinguish herself as a top quality Williamson County attorney, winning awards and participating in many community events and activities.

Erin’s family is firmly rooted in the Williamson County community. Her father-in-law is Judge Al Nations and both her mother and mother-in-law taught in Williamson County schools for several decades. Erin is committed to the well-being of Williamson County residents and families.

In 2018, Erin was elected to a four-year term on the Williamson County Commission, serving the constituents of District 6 in Brentwood.

Divorce Lawyer

Ms. Nations’ clients and peers alike in the Williamson County community speak highly of her legal acumen and professional demeanor. Former clients note her ability to obtain the best possible outcome, her caring concern for each client, and her responsiveness while she handles the sensitive issues she is able to manage so well.

Coworkers and opposing counsel alike note Erin Nations’ diligence and work ethic. Ms. Nations’ daily exposure to litigation as a law clerk to the Williamson County Judges and her knowledge of the law give her a unique advantage in the practice of the law. Her partners, former judges, recognized her ability early on and provided her with the opportunity to share her skills with the people of Middle Tennessee. Her opponents in negotiations and at trial acknowledge that Ms. Nations is a formidable opponent.

Family Law Attorney

Franklin Attorney Erin Nations is passionate about helping clients deal with the often contentious matters of divorce, custody and financial support issues. If you live in the Middle Tennessee area and you need a compassionate professional who will work hard for you, call Erin Nations at Beal, Nations & Crutcher today.

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